Monday, March 11, 2013

Slightly better night

And therefore thousands of looming tasks left undone over the weekend due to illness and sleep loss. I'm sitting here eating leftover takeout pizza with sriracha and trying to make a list of things I should do, and a list of things I would like to do.

Being slightly less tired makes me crankier. This doesn't seem really fair.

Things I should do:

Meal plan for the week
Clean out the fridge
Finish up the undone laundry
Make cloud dough and set the kids up with it
Get dressed, dammit
Read a chapter of Farmer Boy
Not strangle any of the children

Things I would like to do:

Buy seeds
Get fruit for snacks. Right now the continuing needs for six meals a day is making me feel sort of crazed. Cleaning up from six small-person meals is pretty bad, and also arguing with the small people about meals sucks.Leaving the house with all four is pretty hard.
Bake cake or gingerbread

Since I've started typing I've had three requests to make the TV work, two crying babies, one attempt to snaffle my pizza, two requests for information and a desire to get on my lap and then sing loudly. I will make it all the way through today. I will.

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