Sunday, April 07, 2013

Bought perfume

From Demeter. I should not have discovered online shopping. I will smell like dark chocolate and frozen ponds. Geoff and Stuart had some called Leather that was really nice. For the curious, they have Crayon, Earthworm, Dust, and Playdough. And Rye Bread.

I didn't order those. I don't really want to smell like an earthworm, and I'm usually covered in crayon andfplaydough anyway.


Stuart said...

Where did you order from?
I'm out of Thunderstorm, and low on Dirt.

Hmm. What else would I like to smell of...?

lissla lissar said...

I ordered from Demeter. I suggest Playdough. Women love men who smell like playdough.

Or Dust, because that implies they dusted.

Or Fiery Curry. Or Clean Windows. They don't have just Leather anymore so I ordered Russian Leather.