Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Breakfast cookies

Pondering making the girls some kind of breakfast cookie. Most of the recipes have banana, which I don't like, and since I'm probably going to end up eating them too I refuse to put bananas in them. I'm thinking nuts and maybe grated carrot and egg and something sticky- brown sugar?- for the binder. I need to do more Nutella granola anyway. I can throw some in the cookies.

Nat and I made peanut butter today, which didn't impress him as it doesn't contain shortening or lots of sugar. Too bad. I'll eat it and so with Miriam, and I'll use the messy blender to make chocolate peanut butter milk for breakfast tomorrow.

We're going to the museum tomorrow. Geoff will stay home with the girls and I'll take Nat, Thomas, and Samatha the Wonderful (the lovely homeschooled preteen who's been coming over). She will be in charge of chasing down Thomas every fifteen seconds. It will be awesome.


Anonymous said...

Try this breakfast cookie: http://www.edibleperspective.com/home/2011/1/28/buckwheat-in-a-bowl.html

No banana. I used flax seeds instead of chia and regular milk instead of almond milk. Not sweet but if you top it with PB or almond butter or jam/jelly, it's quite nice.


lissla lissar said...

I sort of winged some cookies this afternoon, with grated carrot and ground almonds and oatmeal and cocoa and eggs. They were okay, sort of crumbly and moist and not too sweet. Nat's eaten five, which i think means he's a fan. I wish I'd measured.

I'll check out that recipe. i'm always desperately searching for more breakfast options. Something handheld, no mess, healthy, and containing protein and fat. Pizza?....