Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Glory Hallelujah!

The twins slept through the night, which is defined as, 'one woke for five minutes at eleven and one at one-thirty and then I heard occasional cries but not for long, and then they got up at 7:45'. If Thomas hadn't decided to be wakeful between two and four it would have been perfect. as it is I have had the energy to:

Deal with three cases of diarrhea, one of which required scrubbing in the bathtub
Start bread dough for four or five loaves of bread
Nurse two very hungry babies
Think about meal planning for today
Not be too depressed that it's raining

I had some conversation with the diabetes team that I want to write about- first, about homeschooling, where the nurse assumed I had to follow a curriculum (um, no? We have a list of books and we talk a lot?) and second about concerns that Nat might have Asperger's or a sensory processing disorder. Upshot is that we could test him at great expense privately, or put him in public school, start the paperwork, and wait for years. for the process to progress. The nurse at Sick Kids said it wasn't her area of speciality, but she knew that early testing wasn't that useful because the range of normal behaviours is so wide for little kids. So I think we'll do some reading and probably not spend the $1500 out of pocket for testing, and wait and see. He has some behaviours that are a little worrying, but to me they suggest mild sensory problems, not autism.

Also Nat's going to be tested for Celiac at his next appointment, and if he has it we're going to give him away. Kidding. The doctor said, "If it's any comfort, there's a 95% he doesn't have it. It's just a routine check for diabetics." There's a higher incidence of Celiac in diabetics. All he eats is wheat and fruit.

I think I have another case of diarrhea to deal with. More later.

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Steph said...

Kyra, you are going to perhaps curse me occasionally for this, but there's a book I've read, that you *maybe* might find some helpful information in.

Breaking the Vicious Cycle, by Elaine Gottschall.

Her daughter had severe intestinal health problems which she managed to cure, (irritable bowel syndrome). Parents of some children with celiac disease, autism, sensory processing disorder, and other conditions - I think diabetes is another one - have reported very positive results doing the same things she did.. A small but significant group of parents believe there is a very definite link between gut health and the above.