Saturday, April 13, 2013

Meal planning?

Last night was another half-hour-at-a-time night and Geoff feels sick today. Maybe tonight I'll work up the initiative to not nurse the girls at all during the night. It's so hard not to just make them stop crying,

I'm going over flyers and a Costco list and trying to think of quick meal prep I could do, preferably stuff that can be frozen and is flexible enough for a number of meals. So far I've come up with tortillas/flatbread (for mini pizza or tacos) and chili. The biggest meal winners (that everyone would eat) recently have been taco rice and hash browns.

Elizabeth is standing at my knee screaming for me to pick her up and let her play with the keyboard.

Fast and everyone will eat is relatively easy and expensive and not healthy. Fast and easy and healthy and most people here will eat it is much less easy.

Now both babies are clinging and shouting. This doesn't aid concentration.

I've just discovered Dinner- a love story and am really enjoying it and thinking about their concept of deconstructed meals. We tend to be very one-pot around here. I don't really do side dishes except roast vegetables or rice.


so many things to love... said...

We tried something new tonight - a puff pastry braid. I think you could probably put anything in it - we did corn, tomatos, fajita seasoning, green onions and a lot of cheese. It was fun, fast and very easy.

lissla lissar said...

So... exactly how did you put the stuff in it? It might be only having a couple of hours of sleep, but I have trouble imagining.

We had chicken and waxy potato tacos yesterday (with chips) and they were very good for a nearly-instant dinner.