Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Normal morning

Here's a sort of sketch of my normal morning. Let's pick today.

Wake up blearily when Miriam does. Talk to her while I wake Elizabeth up.
Take them downstairs.
Hear Thomas coming down the stairs demanding milk in his sippy.
Get him milk, comfort a baby who is sad about something,.
Tell Thomas he can't have a video. Cuddle weeping Thomas.
Try to get first load of laundry in.
Shout for Nat to get up. when he comes down to tell me that he wet the bed send him back upstairs to get changed, go and strip his bed, and go downstairs with him.
Send him back up for his glucose monitor.
Start getting breakfast on the table, get babies in high chairs.
Argue with Thomas about breakfast.
Send Nat back upstairs for his glucose monitor again.
Retrieve babies' biscuits.
Do Nat's numbers and calculate his injection.
Argue with Nat about whether he has to have a needle.
Run back and forth getting things for the boys (juice, milk, cereal).
Tell Nat to come out from under the table and finish his breakfast.
Make tea.
Try to unload the dishwasher. Fail.
Get screaming babies down from their high chairs.
Notice the cheerios Thomas and Nat have emptied on the floor. Decide not to scream.
Make Nat come back up from his lair under the table and finish his breakfast.
Go change the girls out of their sleepers and change their diapers.
Sweep the floor in the diningroom and remind Nat to take his bowl to the kitchen. Ask Thomas if he's done.
Put on Billy Nye the Science Guy so that I can have breakfast.
Find myself surrounded by hungry babies asking if they can share.
Share my breakfast.
Take everyone upstairs so I can get dressed and maybe shower?
Try to collate the upstairs laundry.
Bring everyone downstairs and think about what we're going to do for the rest of the day.
Remember that we have to have snack.
Unload dishwasher during snack.
Try to read a book out loud. Be foiled by Thomas the Anti-Literature.

To be continued later....

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