Friday, April 12, 2013

Not quick takes

Just a brief window into right this moment- Nat is playing with magnets at the table and getting frustrated, the girls were playing with playdough in their high chairs but have gotten down and are experimenting with climbing into the toy drawers and getting stuck, Thomas is I think playing with a large sheet of foam rubber and hiding although he's being quiet and I'm suspicious since I just found him and Lilibet in the fridge holding tofu and mustard respectively, and I'm trying to clear the brain space to make two different grocery lists and meal plan for the next couple of weeks.

It's sleeting outside and we're not leaving the house. I'm hoping to do reading and videos and playdough and all survive until bedtime. Dinner is something made with leftover ratatouille and pasta and cheese and maybe ground beef.

I was right to be suspicious. He was in the hallway pooping and taking his diaper off. since I started writing I have cleaned up the mess (minimal, could be much worse), nurse Mim twice, and talked to Nat about magnetism.

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