Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quick things

Not takes- that's on Friday.

First, praying for Jen Fulwiler and her baby. He was born Monday and is having breathing problems and has been put in the NICU in a different hospital from her.

Second, The girls have achieved the  milestones Baby Can Climb and Baby Can Fall Off. They're both still alive.

Third, if Thomas doesn't stop being so clingy I am going to sell him to a passing stranger and hope it's a nice one. Also, how hard is it to understand IF YOUR BROTHER IS CRYING IT MEANS YOU SHOULD STOP! Apparently this is a difficult concept.

Nat's really interested in salamaders, especially Chinese giant salamanders:

We're going to China to see one? Sometimes this week? No, we're not.

Since I started writing this post Elizabeth has achieved Baby Stuck Sideways in Chair Arm. She is upset at the unfairness of the world.

Tomorrow we're going to Sick Kids to get Nat's bloodwork done for clinic on Monday. Usually we have clinic at a civilized hour like nine but this time it's a eight. I am not taking Nat down at seven in the morning to get his bloodwork done on Monday, so Thomas and Nat and I will hoik over there on the subway tomorrow at a reasonable hour.

I should now continue with the fifteen loads of laundry. Peace out.

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