Friday, April 05, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Everyone still alive?

1. Geoff had his visit to the hospital and has a return visit booked for late April. He's starting to feel better overall, and their current hunch is that something is causing his body to react like it's dehydrated and hold on to everything he drinks, which throws his blood sodium out of whack. Why, we don't know. He's supposed to restrict fluids and we're trying to make sure he rests.

2. I talked to our doctor about it today, as I had a visit. She was interested and also very very happy that we are sleep training the girls.

3. Miriam only woke three times last night, and Elizabeth twice, and Elizabeth slept in her crib the whole night instead of jammed up against me at weird angles. This is fantastic. I have to decide tonight whether I want to keep pushing their first nursing session back in the hope of total nightweaning, or just make sure both of them spend the whole night in their respective cribs (slept with Mim from five to seven this morning). Both of them slept at least four hours at a stretch, and Mim actually slept from 8-2, which was amazing.

4. There's a Target that just opened right near my parents' house, in the small mall opposite our doctor's clinic. Target just opened in Canada a short while ago. I went in this morning and came out poorer but with jeans! And new bras! And there's this dress with polka dots I really want! This is a big deal to me mostly because it's so very, very difficult for me to get anywhere that sells decent clothes. I thrift a lot but I am usually with the munchkins which precludes trying on, and it's pretty hit-or-miss. A nearby place where I can purchase inexpensive new decent clothing is very exciting.

5. I think I finished memorizing the John Donne poem, although parts are a little shaky, mostly "Only thou art above/When by thy leave I can look/I rise again..." but mostly, mostly I've got it. On to the next one?

6. Geoff was just listening to a debate, and said, "Teleological promiscuity. That's a phrase you don't hear very often."

7. I would like someone else to do the cooking for the next week, and feed us something delicious with lots of vegetables that the boys will eat. I think this is an impossible task. I know cooking and cleaning up can be made a sacrifice of love and draw me closer to God but in actuality planning and cleaning up the six meals a day remains mostly overwhelming.

8. Bonus take- I found out at dinner that if you make Nigella Lawson's Microwave Steamed Chocolate Pudding with only one egg and a bunch of extra whipping cream your toddler dumped in, and then forget the sugar, and then labouriously scrape it back into the processor to mix in the sugar, and then cook it, it's still perfect.

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Anonymous said...

Target is awesome and dangerous at the same time. You always come out with more than you went in for.