Friday, April 26, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Wildly Unrealistic Edition

Geoff and the boys leave tonight at bedtime. I have all sorts of wild hopes for today and for this weekend.

1. I would really like to wash and line-dry all the bedding. It's not getting hot here, although it's supposed to be almost no-sweater weather and not raining. I figure that's good enough.

2. The toy organization system has gone into near-total failure. It would be delightful to beat it back into shape. I'm not sure if I can manage it with the twins helping.

3. Tonight I am going to put earplugs in and ignore the girls. This seems cruel, but waking me up over ten times a night is insuring my eventual death. I'm hoping two nights of shock treatment will help.

4. I don't plan to cook. I will probably do some baking, but the girls and I will subsist happily on bread, vegetables, and cheese. The idea of not having to provide regular cooked meals for a day and a half is so relaxing. The girls aren't old enough to stare at their plates and say, "That's not my favourite" disconsolately. Marvelous.

5. I would like to get to a decent fruit and veg shop and buy and cut up a lot of vegetables. Also go through the fruidge and freezer and plan for the next two weeks. This may not happen, but it's a good goal.

6. I plan to take naps and take the girls out in the stroller a lot.

7. While I was writing these Nat put an open staple in his mouth, 'because he likes the taste of metal', and swallowed it. Called telehealth and am pissed off about possible trip cancellation because I am selfish. Geoff says it was probably a staple from a staple gun- he removed some blinds yesterday and may have left an old staple on the windowsill.



Renee said...

Sounds normal to me...

Renee said...

Toy organization can never happen with children in the house. I just did mine, and my six year old reorganized the day after. He liked it the other way.

lissla lissar said...

It's like fighting erosion or the tide or something. Soo frustrating.

Spent the morning and part of the afternoon gettign Nat xrayed about the staples. He's fine, and I am not impressed with him.

Rosie said...

Yeah, I think the only way to organize the toys is to put almost all of them in storage... Then there are so few left to play with, they CAN'T get disorganized!