Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Too tired to do quick takes

And it's Monday, so I'll just list some random stuff while I should be cleaning.

First, the post-bedtime cleanup always makes me think of Boromir in Fellowship: "And you will beg for death before they're done!". I guess I didn't have to specify which movie, although I think maybe that speech is in The Two Towers in the book?

Second, last week's Doctor Who had one actor from Game of Thrones and one actor from Rome (Davos and Brutus respectively). This week's had Jenny Lee from Call the Midwife. We love playing spot the British actor. It gives me continuing comfort to know that Love Actually, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and  Phineas and Ferb are all linked through Thomas Sangster. The episode was also very good and very creepy.

A whole lot of completely revolting things have happened this last week, but probably the worst was finding Elizabeth eating something that was not chocolate but was brown. You may now go throw up.

The locale grocery store still has the shelf-stable chicken wings/bites things. I still wait to see if anyone is going to buy them.

I have no chocolate.

We survived a socially tense visit to the drop-in this morning with both of the boys acting horrible- Thomas pushing and intimidating other kids, and Nat being grabby and screamy. They eventually mellowed but not before collected lots of censorious glances from the nannies and mothers there.

I am having considerable struggles with a sense of rebellion and revolt against life which makes doing the necessary things difficult. I think it's party acedia, partly profound sleep loss, and partly continuing worry over Geoff's continuing weakness. The worry and illness is making both of us too short and crabby with the kids. I'm not usually this irritable and I hate it.

Hoping tomorrow is a better day. Today wasn't bad, but I really want to shake this awful ongoing mood. Time for hard cider and bed.

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