Sunday, May 05, 2013

12:40 a.m.

It's right in the middle of the night. I've been up for a while.

10:50- Mim wakes ups. Cuddle her back down.
11:00- Lilibet wakes up. Cuddle her back down.
11:15- Mim again
11:30- Nat wakes shrieking. Talk to him
11:40- Nat screams at Thomas for coughing
11:55- Nat tries to start argument with me about the garden. Test blood sugar, find out it's high. Try to talk him into sleeping.
12:15- Ask Nat to try to sleep
12:30- Lilibet wakes. Cuddle her.
12:40- Lilibet wakes again. Come downstairs and write blog post about despair and count the number of times I've been up so far tonight. Eight. Baby shows no sign of going back to sleep on her own.

I'll go upstairs in a minute. In the meantime I'll think about options for tomorrow and try to plan a low-energy day in case I don't get much more sleep tonight, which seems likely.

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