Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Books plus glory be! The girls slept through the night!

Our friend Jocelyn across the street lent me a couple of books, and I'm dying to start the first one, called Education and the Edge of Possibility. It's about researchers who tried to switch educational paradigms in the classroom- from the prescriptive and utilitarian to the wholistic. I've read a little bit of the beginning and their critique of bureaucracy and mechanistic model upon which most of our society is based makes me think of... drat. That lecture about wholistic versus prescriptive technologies? By Ursula Franklin. Anyway, we basically think of education as a machine, and the people inside as the parts of the machine. In this view, students are there to be forcibly educated by teachers, and if it isn't working you should improve the method by which they are being forcibly educated. The 'boxes to be filled' metaphor.

No humanity, no free agency.

It also reminds me of Blessed JPII's writings about the wrongness of anything that reduces a person to a means, instead of an end. That precludes love and relationship.

Anyway, I have one more book to read before I can really tackle it, but I'm really really looking forward to it.

Also the girls slept from eight till five-thirty, nursed, and are back to sleep. I have gotten up on my own to read and drink tea and type. And I have cake and asparagus pizza for breakfast. Yay!

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