Monday, May 06, 2013


Because I was too tired to load all the children up and head out to the store I have baked bread, because we were out. It was mentally easier to bake four loaves than to go out and buy it and interact with people.
This is a very tired day and we are having low-effort everything.

On the extreme bright side, I was sitting with the kids on the deck and telling Nat part of the A. A. Milne poem The Dormouse and the Doctor, and he disappeared inside and returned with this picture, for which I wrote the text:
For those who can't read my writing and are unfamiliar with the poem, the picture is of a dormouse who live in a bed/ of delphiniums blue and geraniums red

On another bright note, Stuart and his brother and father just brought us new-to-us furniture: a couch, a very large soft matching chair, an extra bed, and a dresser. Thank you! The previous couch has been stripped of its cushions (keeping for fort-building) and installed as an impermanent trampoline in our front lawn.


Judith Cooke said...

Nat is awesome! (and you too by the way:))

Steph said...

Ah, "strewing". That makes a lot of sense. Incredibly neat concept indeed.

Your kids are very cool, Kyra. I love Nat's drawings.

lissla lissar said...

They are frequently very cool, thanks. With a side of 'berserk and destructive and curious about everything'.

Something I love about strewing is that even if you're the adult setting out the materials, you don't know what part the child is going to be interested in, and it's frequently something that you, the adult, wouldn't have considered.