Monday, May 13, 2013

Here comes everybody

I went to Mass alone yesterday, because Geoff is marvelous. Unfortunately I was too late to get to our church, so I went to the local one, which is very beautiful but not our home church. During the Passing of the Peace I turned around in the pew and shook this guy's hand. Middle aged shortish Filipino guy in Eighties tracksuit with large fake-silver marijuana leaf jewellery.  As I did I thought about how very good it is to be thrown together, all of us disparate types, all participating in the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The necklace still threw me a bit.

There are lots of parts about the local church we don't like- the priest is a nice man but a terrible preacher, the music is largely guitars, there's no cry space for the children- but the building itself is very Italian and ornately beautiful, and every Mass ends with the whole congregation turning to the statue of Mary and doing a short litany to her. I'm thinking (because I think I have gone insane) that I might try taking Nat, or Nat and Thomas, very occasionally? anyway, to noontime Mass. I think they might like all the stuff- paintings, candles, icons, lights. Or they might be freaked out by the life-sized statue of Christ crucified. We'll see.

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