Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nat's fine

We got the crisis averted and he was okay by mid-afternoon and bouncing around as usual. Looks like migraines are going to be a thing for him and I should have an illness plan the way I do for stomach flu. Fewer calls to the hospital that way.

Nat's been prickly and shouty and argumentative lately, but he's also had an explosion of generosity. He's liked for years to give things to people, but now every time he sees friends or some of his family he wants to draw things or wrap up presents or snacks for them. It's really sweet. Yesterday he was going over to his friend Madeline's and before he left he wrote her a present message that said "Madeline I am coming", only with weirder spelling and sideways letters. Still, really neat, and completely readable. He isn't very interested in decoding words in books but he's clearly writing in sentences, which is very cool.

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