Monday, May 27, 2013

Ow. So sick.

With a miserable all-over-aching chills and fever cold. I spent yesterday holding the couch down, reading Sailing to Sarantium, and nursing demanding toddlers. I feel marginally better today, and I am wondering if I should take the kids our for some fresh air. Geoff's coming home early to take Nat to a doctor's appointment, and I could walk everyone to the grocery store, but I think it might be a bad idea because I am Not Likely To Be Patient.

On the bright side, I think Thomas is Maasai. Did you know that the Maasai believe that all the cows in the world belong to them? Thomas thinks the same about fleece blankets. They are all his, and if you protest that you had it first there are tears at your unreasonable attitude.

I suppose everyone will want some breakfast. Maybe after we can play upstairs for a few hours? And I can get motivated to change out of the pajamas I've been wearing for more than twenty-four hours?


Stuart said...

He could also be Karamojong.
Let me know if he develops an unreasonable fondness for fermented sorghum mash.

lissla lissar said...

Do the Karamojong believe all fleece blankets belong to them? We've never had fermented sorghum mash- I can say he's not fond of oatmeal, so he's clearly not Scottish...

Stuart said...

I didn't ask about fleece blankets while I was there. The men do wear a blanket much of the time, though.

Does he have a fondness for tiny, highly ornamented hats?

lissla lissar said...

You know, he does like hats. I could do an experiment- I could DECORATE a hat and leave it around and see what happens.

When did you go to Africa?