Friday, May 03, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Pork Edition

1. I have ten pounds of cooked pork shoulder in my slow cooker, and now the whole house smells like pork. I was going to roast it but chickened out of leaving the oven on overnight. Now I have to figure out how to serve it. On rice, as tacos, maybe chopped into fried rice or something. Pulled pork sandwiches.

2. Given up on sleep training for a while, since the girls weren't learning how to be good little babies so much as learning how to trade off crying all night for weeks. So I'm back to cuddling them a lot. Last night I think they had one two-hour stretch both asleep between eleven and one. Yay.

3. My kids are very dirty. I think I will clean them off by taking them to the park for a few hours this morning. The sand in the sandbox is abrasive and will scour some of the layers of garden dirt off.

4. When Samantha was here on Wednesday Thomas spent about three solid hours playing in the dirt in the backyard, filling containers and emptying them, stirring, finding water to make mud. We watched him a bit and Sam leaned over and said, "I think Thomas is going to have a very outdoorsy summer." I think this is right.

5. Maybe we should plant lettuce seed today? After the park.

6. Miriam has started having little tantrums when she's frustrated. She squinches up and starts shrieking (she's doing it right now because Lilibet stole her spoon) and waves her arms. It's cute and funny but we will try not to encourage it. Elizabeth hasn't started tantruming- instead she still weeps with despair when anything she doesn't like happens (her sister hitting her or stealing her toys, usually)

7. I think I should turn around and start actually supervising breakfast so no one dies behind me. And wash the yogurt off the girls.
Destructive teamwork

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