Friday, May 10, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Random and Child-Disaster Related

1. Judith said she's thinking about making a rough every-week meal plan to alleviate some of the stress of having to decide dinner every day. A rough one, like- Tuesday, pasta, Wednesday, stirfry, Thursday, salad. That sounds possible. As Auntie Leila (at Like Mother, Like Daughter) says, what we need isn't more recipes. What we need is menus specifically tailored to our family's myriad likes and dislikes.

2. The last few days have been full of cleaning up messes. Thomas had a horrific potty-related accident on the deck yesterday, the girls washed the floor with smoothie this morning. My low standard are always, it seems, dropping lower. I used to disinfect thoroughly after someone peed on the floor. Now I wipe with a wet cloth and soap. Soon I'll be spitting on it and wiping.

3. I just asked Nat what his favourite dinner was, and it's buttered corn on the cob. We're also big into smoothies right now, which I hope counterbalances the consumption of chips and crackers. I was reading about how Jen at ConversionDiary convinced her kids to eat healthily (throwing out everything unhealthy) and was struck again with gloom at how unworkable that would be for us, because of Nat's carb requirements. Even if I were to force them to eat lots of vegetables instead of starches I'd either have to rework Nat's insulin requirements heavily or feed him straight sugar as a side. Or something.

4. Geoff just got me an iPhone. I am making my way around it in a pathetic Luddite-esque fashion. Apparently the salesman couldn't believe that Geoff was buying me my first smartphone instead of replacing an older model. Blew his mind. It's been bought because we mostly communicate by email and it will be handy for grocery lists and for medical emergencies. I think my notebook was okay for grocery lists, but I am a little excited about having Evernote with me always. I just have to get over hating the !@#@!#!ing keyboard. Geoff thinks it's hilarious watching me trying to type.

5. What horrifically healthy ingredients can I cram into smoothies and then make into popsicles? They're eating strawberry oatmeal yogurt popsicles behind me right now. I'm going to put kale and spinach in some of them. Maybe tofu? Up the protein content.

6. Thomas and Great-Grandma at my inlaws in Niagara.

7. The baby squirrel seems to have departed. We're hoping he found his mum and didn't get eaten. Beign rushed by a very tiny squirrel was pretty unnerving.

ETA 8.

The above is not me. In spite of that I'm hoping to go to my first dance class since I was pregnant with the twins, which would be about two years ago. I just have to decide if I want to go easy and do Beginner 2 level, or go a bit nuts and do Intermediate 1. I haven't done complicated dancing in two year and two babies- I've hardly done it at all since the kids started coming. I'm looking forward to it.

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Melanie Bettinelli said...

I didn't realize you have an iPhone. Is it capable of Facetime? If so, that would be fun to try. Funny thing, Anthony thinks any phone call that isn't a video chat is defective. He keeps looking at the screen trying to figure out why he can't see the person talking.