Monday, May 27, 2013

Strangely uninterested

I feel strangely uninterested in food, probably because of stress and illness (I still feel really sick right now) but I feel more than usually attracted to the concept of afternoon tea. There's a toddler book about afternoon tea that Nat can partly read and when he finds it he becomes insistent about tea-and-cake midafternoon.

I would like it, too, but right now I think it's going to happen only if there's other adults around at teatime, because the pressure of making scones and whipping cream and making Thomas sit down with his scone instead of run off with it- well, that's crazy. Also I think I would like someone else to make and bring fussy pastries. I do cake and scones and cookies but I want someone else to make petit fours and madeleines, thanks. And anything with layers.


Melanie Bettinelli said...

Oh I think petit fours need to be bought not made. My girls haven't discovered high tea yet. I'm looking forward to have tea parties... some day. Right now the thought just gives me hives.

lissla lissar said...

With lots of other helpful adults around, maybe? But I find the organization and having to worry about presentation adds another layer of stress to things with little kids. I can go for tastes good and is on the table, not needs-not-too-be-touched-or-it-won't-look-right. That gives ME hives.

I'd probably like making elaborate cakes if I had time. I used to make Danish pastry for fun.

I was just clearing out part of the basement and found my china doll's tea set, packed up in case I ever had daughters. When they're older than two, maybe...