Saturday, June 08, 2013

Dinner was a success

This is happening rarely, so I need to record it. I went to Costco today, so our cupboards and freezers and fridge are overflowing. I have a bunch of things planned- hash browns, peanut chicken stir fry, more chili- but tonight I roasted a lot of broccoli, bacon, sausage, and potatoes, and tossed them in the sausage juices, lemon juice, olive oil, Parmesan, oregano and thyme from the garden, garlic, and salt and pepper. It was my perfect salad, which is to say not at all salady. Nat said it wasn't a salad because salads are cold and raw. Aha, say I, salads don't have to be either, although what I made for dinner would have been very good served at room temperature.

So- a success. And now I should go and finish doing the evening scrub-and-tidy while drinking this nice hard cider.

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