Monday, June 17, 2013

Do I take them to the park?

Elizabeth unleashed

Nat and the wonderful lollipop

Had a crummy night with Nat refusing to go to bed until after nine and the girls waking up many times and then bringing them down at six to nurse them... and they promptly fell asleep on the couch. I like them, I really do. So given sleep deprivation and grumpiness (mine) should I drag them out to a park I've just remembered which is slightly farther from our house than the usual one, but has a fence around it? Probably yes, and hope to wear them out.

ETA:  I did take them, for three hours, to an enclosed park with a whole lot of toys and a splash pad, and a fence, which was lovely. And now I'm completely and utterly exhausted but (I hope) so are the kids. Except Elizabeth, who thinks naps are for wimps. And because I'm insane I am seriously wondering if the plants we saw on the way were ground icy or mallow, and am thinking about going back to check. Because, if mallow- free food.

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