Saturday, June 29, 2013

For Amy

A lot of fruit and vegetables. I'm trying to get most of them washed, cut up, and generally prepped . The most time-consuming things were a very large bag of garlic scapes and a very large bag of pea shoots. I've gotten the shoots and scapes washed and bagged, and now I need to do about ten pounds of zucchini and some peppers. The kids are walking around with glutinous rice balls and getting sesame seeds all over everything. Must chop peppers and broccoli raab. And then cook with it!


so many things to love... said...

That is a tonne of vegetables! Can you make up stir fry packs for the freezer?

lissla lissar said...

I'm chopping and freezing. I'm hoping the zucchini doesn't go completely soggy, but it's probably destined for ratatouille or pasta sauce, which means if it is soggy it doesn't matter. I'm hoping this will mean we'll actually eat vegetables. I think I'll do a pesto-ish sauce with some of the scapes.

Melanie Bettinelli said...

I love pea tendrils cooked with garlic scapes and a bit of fish sauce and soy sauce.

We got lots of vegetables at the farmer's market today too. I'm roasting beets, made a purslane potato salad. Am going to make chard with beet greens. And peas with mint.

lissla lissar said...

We have purslane growing as a weed around here. I'm coveting the huge amount coming up in one of the neighbour's yards. I might ask if I can transplant it.

I cooked the pea shoots and scapes with pesto made from more scapes (huge bags. Seriously) and it was good, but not a big seller with the kids, so I'll chop them up and use them on flatbread pizza. Yum.

Tell me about this purslane potato salad? It sounds good.

Melanie Bettinelli said...

I have purslane coming up in the garden but its only half an inch high. Last year it never got very big and I never ended up using it.

The purslane I used today came from the farmers market. Seems silly to pay for a weed but it's so good.

Here's the recipe:

I used less mint and added a bit of basil instead if the parsley we didn't have. It was excellent.

lissla lissar said...

It sounds good. The pea shoots are a little large and tough, so I'm thinking about cooking and pureeing them and making them into a pasta sauce with parmesan and cream. And garlic. Maybe freezing some?