Monday, June 03, 2013

Just updated

I just updated the blog list on the side over there to include more of the blogs I actually read, which is quite an amazing number. Drat, I forgot to add Dinner- A Love Story. Have to correct that.

We had a completely dreadful night with Elizabeth screaming from nine-thirty till midnight last night, lots of unplanned nursing, and me being all blurry today. Nat's slept in and wet the bed, I should wash all his stuff and the bedding for my aunt who's coming to stay, and I'm baking bread because the temperature dropped fifteen degrees, yay! We have a dentist appointment for Nat this afternoon, and I need to be functional for it, so we'll stay in and draw and play lego this morning. While I drink tea. Blurf.

Why does it take Nathaniel half an hour and much shouting from me to accomplish the five-minute tasks he was sent upstairs to do? Like find some pants? Why?

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