Monday, June 17, 2013

My seasonal insanity

I just found tons and tons of this stuff growing along a small street on the way to the park. It's mallow, which is the same family as hollyhocks, rose of sharon, and marshmallow plant. They're all edible. It apparently tastes like spinach. Judith, it's all along that street with the houses on only one side, east of Woodbine. I identified it- it's not ground ivy, which is similar but smells like mint. Thomas and Elizabeth helped me ick some. It's very popular in Turkey and in Egypt, and is an ingredient in a traditional Greek soup. I'll try shredding it into some pasta sauce or something and let you know how it goes. If it's good, I'll see if I can dig some up and transplant it. Goodness knows we have enough weeds in our yard- useful weeds would be great.

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