Thursday, June 27, 2013

No pictures

I didn't actually get any pictures, but our friend Jacob, with whom we went to college... that sentence sucks. Right. I give up on it. Anyway, we haven't seen him in ten years, since we did a road trip to Arkansas (in midsummer) and since then he's gotten married, and he and his wife are on a long road trip, so they were here for supper on Wednesday. They're looking for a new place to settle. We suggested Toronto.

The kids jumped all over them. This seemed to be okay.

During the road trip they've met Pat Rothfuss and George R. R. Martin. We spent a lot of time talking about fantasy novels. It was good.

And now I have to wake all my sleeping children and figure out what to do with them today because it's going to be hot and rainy again, which means no park. I might haul them down to the art supply store, bring them home, and set them loose. And weep for the floor. Not that it's clean now, but it will be worse...

No paint, though. I don't do paint indoors.

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