Friday, June 28, 2013

Seven quick takes: It's Raining Again Edition

1. It's raining again. Everything is gloriously green for this far into June, but every couple of days I stare out and think "Aaarrgh! What are we going to do today?" because little boys need to run. I might have to start taking them to the park in the rain, although that sounds like very little fun.

2. While writing number one and getting everyone up, I decided to get out the big plastic bin and make coloured ice. I'll turn them out on the deck after the ice freezes. I think I'm good for about one big messy craft/play thing per day, maybe less.


That was a few days ago. Maybe Tuesday? Another rain day. That's paper and toilet paper dissolved in water. It was tons of fun, extremely messy, and the house is still covered in bits of paper pulp. Today I'll just put them out in the rain.

4. Among the terrible things I bought at Ikea yesterday were cinnamon buns, a jar of chocolate spread with butterscotch pieces, and a kind of cake with almonds and chocolate and toffee, which I was eating straight off the tray last night, with a glass of wine. I shouldn't be allowed to go into food shops. I am not safe.

5. Speaking of food, I should clean out the fridge. Since this week has been a near-total wash in terms of sleep or me doing anything but reading and shouting, I really really need to do excavation-level cleaning. Today, during nap. Heaven help me. Without shouting at anyone, as I just di, because four people all wanted to talk to me. 

6. It has been very hot and there hasn't been any sleep and cooking has been reduced to a minimum. Meal planning has been nonexistent. This is bad for our vegetable intake. The kids have staved off scurvy by eating a large watermelon. I need to meal plan for the weekend and I need to include things other than grains.

7. I feel like G. K. Chesterton. While I've been writing this someone has come and stolen my chair. I went into the kitchen and found Elizabeth standing proudly atop it. She and Miriam  mastered climbing on chairs yesterday. The children have also spread milk and cinnamon buns across the floor, which means I should wash it, and removed several things from the kitchen cabinets with their new power of Standing On Chairs. So I should probably go and pay attention to them.

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