Friday, June 14, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Random Assorted

1. We just had a disastrous visit to the park. Nat was pestering two little girls his age who really didn't want to play with him. He thought they were running and hiding as part of a game, but we found out that it wasn't when their grandmother came over to ask me to get Nat to stop. Also we were in the sand box and Thomas sprinkled sand on another little boy's head, and his grandmother said loudly, "Whose kid is this? He just got sand all over my grandson!" so I picked up Thomas and told him to sit by me in Time Out, and to apologize. He didn't, so I held him for a bit and then sent him over to play with Nat, who was bothering a little boy, and whose nanny told me to make Nat give the boy's toy back.

Yay. So I did, and then told both the boys we were going home, and Nat ran away from me, giggling, and so did Thomas, and I rounded them up by main force while carrying the twins and then lectured them all the way home. And then (this is the fun part), tested Nathaniel's blood sugar and found out that he was low. So he was basically drunk and unable to control himself, and I spent twenty minutes intermittently upbraiding him.

I am thinking about getting a shirt that says, "I'm Not Negligent- I've Just Got Four Kids Under Six" for when I get death glares from other parents because I was on the other end of the playground when one of my kids misbehaved. I feel annoyed and ashamed that my kids ever do anything like putting sand in another kid's hair (The Horror! The Horror!) and annoyed at other parents for bringing my small miscreants to me and telling me to properly discipline them. Sigh.

2. We just got a load of outdoor play stuff at the dollar store. We have little water guns, bubble stuff and wands, and shaving cream, because I've been reading about using shaving cream as an outside play thing. And we still have the cloud dough. So we might use some of it this afternoon if I've recovered enough.

3. My fridge is full of leftovers, so I may not have to cook for several day. This makes me happy. I have a bunch of dishes planned but at this minute I just feel tired. We'll eat leftover butter chicken and samosas and scalloped potatoes until they're all gone, and then we'll have ground beef pasta and chicken caesar salad and whatever else it was I planned.

4. Lunch was Triscuits and hotdogs cut up and served with ketchup, for the nutritional win. The boys really liked it.

5. I had lemon meringue pie for breakfast, and dal and naan for second breakfast (I'm trying to eat more frequently, since the low blood sugar thing last week). Both leftovers, both really good.

6. I want potato pizza and ice cream sodas for dinner. I could make those, if I make crust. And if I bought club soda.

7. I'm reading a lot right now. I've just started a book on attachment theory and parenting, and I'm partway through Education on the Edge of Possibility, which Jocelyn lent me, and I'm re-reading The Little Way of Homeschooling, which is about Catholic unschooling and I think I'll lend to Judith, if she wants to read it. Oh, and I just read a Brandon Sanderson novella called The Emperor's Soul. I had all this time because my aunt was doing all the chores and childcare. Speaking of which, since she's left presumably I'm in charge of all of that now, and I should probably go do some of it!

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