Monday, June 24, 2013

Today possibly should be rescheduled

For the fourth night in a row I have been woken up every hour or more often, so I have just given up (it's five) and come downstairs to do the chores I was too tired to do yesterday. I've been seriously wondering at what point I ought to just give up on a very bad night and get up and do something useful- if I'm not going to sleep or if I'll be woken every few minutes I start getting very angry, resentful, despairing, and full of self-pity. So I'm going to pick up the livingroom and fold the laundry and haul the boys out of bed at seven this morning.

It's going to be 39C, so I'm worrying about keeping the kids inside all day. Basically, I think they need exercise, especially the boys, but there is a genuine risk of heat stroke. If I can find someone to watch the girls during nap perhaps Mum and I could take them to an indoor playground or something. If they don't get to run around today they're going to kill each other...

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