Thursday, June 13, 2013

Well, it's ten

I's now ten in the morning, and I haven't had any other adults around, and we're all surviving. So far today we've:

Read a storybook
Done Nat's glucose test and figured our his injection
Eaten breakfast and are right now doing snack
Watched Bill Nye about animal locomotion
Drunk two cups of tea (me)

Last week's sprinkler party
Had Nat just now bring me a sheet of paper with PEZ written on it, as a request.
Nursed about fifteen times
Done some potty training with Thomas (he's in underwear today for as long as I can stand it)
Thought about organizing my fridge
Swept the floor three times (all for naught- it's currently covered in goldfish crackers again)
Wondered if I'll ever have time to sew again
Read a little of a book on Catholic unschooling
Gotten everyone dressed
Put the laundry on
Cleaned the floor where Thomas peed on it
Wiped the floor where Miriam poured water on it
Cuddled Thomas when his heart broke because he couldn't eat Cheerios with scissors

It's only ten. I haven't snapped at any kids or thought about the cloistered religious life yet, which is good, since it's a rainy day and we're not going anywhere. It would be nice to all still like each other by lunchtime. I need to sweep again. I've had two toddlers come over to nurse since I started writing this, and I should figure out lunch, since it's less than two hours away. We'll probably do lots of writing and reading and cutting up paper into tiny shreds today, and go upstairs and make tents, and I'll probably be cranky by mid-afternoon, but my aunt and uncle and cousin and my parents are coming for dinner, and we're having Indian takeout and several bottles of wine, and it should be great.

I hear babies on the stairs. Running away now.

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