Saturday, June 29, 2013

Well, yesterday was a disaster

Not completely- dinner (chicken with cream, wine, spinach and broccoli) was good, I baked a lot of part whole wheat bread with pureed beans hidden in it and the kids ate it, and we had lots and lots of water play on the deck. Plus the boys watched My Neighbor Totoro several times and we did quite a lot of reading (my standards keep dropping- I mean fewer than ten stories, but reading with both girls climbing on me is such a challenge).

And then Nat's friend Madeleine came over and Nat and Thomas mauled her. She went home early and very upset. I need something implanted neurologically that tells them, "not everyone likes hitting!"  and goes off whenever one of them starts to hit or throw. Failing that, a shock collar would be nice. Sigh.

While she was here they, working as a team, destroyed one of the screens in their bedroom window. They caught hell for that. Geoff and I slept in their room because it's not safe until the screen's repaired. They could easily fit out the window and i have no faith in their good sense.

The girls have learned to climb on the diningroom chairs, which gives them access to practically everything. This is bad.

On the bright side, Thomas is doing pretty well at potty training, and the girl slept with only a couple of early morning wakeups. So that's good. And I got to bed at nine. And I had a very long converation with Amy about the Immaculate Conception and the Communion of the Saints. It turns out I know less about the Immaculate Conception than I thought I did.

In an attempt to make our diet better this week, with less frozen pizza, I will try to get to the Asian Grocery Store (which is this one) and buy and prep ingredients. I think we are 100% more likely to eat things that contain decent ingredients like vegetables if I have bought and prepped them beforehand. So I will make an actual grocery list, meal plan, and we will eat fewer frozen pizzas this week. I want curry. And Asian things. With lots of vegetables.

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