Monday, July 15, 2013


After a weekend that included the joys of finding out Nat gave Thomas a haircut, midnight dirty diapers, and 40C temperatures, this morning is going well. The girls slept from eight till five, I've gotten up and gotten the chores started, and I have just had a pastrami and pate sandwich for breakfast. With Sriracha and a cup of tea. Another very hot day today so I think we'll head to the park with the splash pad this morning and come home to bread and jam for lunch.

And naps and air conditioning.

I'm thinking about Last Child in the Woods and how Jocelyn and I were agreeing that our kids play better with other kids outside. Apparently children in green spaces actually engage in more creative play and less bullying- there's research. And the wilder the space the better.

ETA: I forgot that Thomas also pooped in the water bin he and the babies were playing in on the deck. That was a fun clean-up!

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