Saturday, July 27, 2013

Elizabeth is being electrocuted

Okay, she isn't, but she sounds like she is. They were both put to bed an hour ago, and since being put to bed she's had one dirty diaper, four nursing and cuddle sessions, and in between the cuddling an hour's worth of screaming at the top of her lungs. She sounds like she's been abandoned on a snowdrift somewhere. Normally it doesn't bother me much because I know they're fine and just protesting the cruelty of being put to sleep, but normally they don't carry on for more than five minutes. Also I've had a lot of bad nights- last night Nat woke with a bad low at two, and then the girls woke every hour until six, when they got up.

So I'm feeling a little fragile and like I would just like her to quiet down so that I can go to sleep and not have to do something absurd like sleep with her until she sleeps. Which is what I see myself doing in about five minutes.

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