Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I call this the Muppet tree

It's on the way to the park with a splashpad that we've been practically living at this summer. I have no idea what type it is but it's funny. Today we're inside basking in a/c or playing on the deck with thousands of water toys and a bin of water. Soaked children kept coming to sit on my lap. I'm kind of damp.

Now I should try and clean. My niece and nephew  and MiL are coming in a couple of days and it would be lovely if I had a) a meal plan for all of us and b) a slightly cleaner house. We'll see.


Isabelle said...

Looks like a very old, very well-established smoke bush (cotinus coggygria)
I have no idea why I know this, but obviously it's one of the many bits and bobs of useless information that clutter up my brain and make it impossible to actually remember genuinely useful stuff like where I put my keys or that I must pick up milk on the way home from work.

lissla lissar said...

Neat. I really like it. It doesn't look real, and it's definitely medium-tree-sized. It looks like it was background on a muppet movie and maybe should start singing any minute.

My head is full of those sorts of bits. I was pointing out mullein plants on the way to the park, and telling my kids that people used to use them to keep their feet warm. True. But it would be more useful to know why I went to the basement pantry, and what I was going to bring back.

Yup, upon googling, that's what it looks to be.