Thursday, July 04, 2013

Just rewatched some Sherlock

And I am appalled at my subconscious. Were I single and to try to date him, I would be insane with irritation within five minutes. What an annoying man. Also kind of alien-looking.

 It's still a great show. I love the Holmes/Watson comedy team.

It's almost noon of an at-home day, and we're all still alive, in reasonably good moods, and I've read Hansel and Gretel and the first half of Rikki Tikki Tavi aloud. I might do some baking with the boys this afternoon. We've had smoothie popsicles and played in the indoor tent and I am watching Elizabeth climbing down from the table and putting on my sandals.

I'm looking forward to seeing Star Trek this weekend, even though the plot is probably terrible, because it will be fun, full of explosions, and Geoff and I will be away and without children. I would like to see if we can swing Much Ado in a few weeks. Neither one are playing at the theatre close to us, but we'll manage.

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