Friday, July 26, 2013

Seven Quick takes: It was going to be an awesome night

1. I was dead tired and went to bed at nine. Unfortunately, Nat had blood sugar problems on and off all night, accompanied by nightmares. So I'm making a pot of strong tea and feeling blurry. My big goals for the day have been downgraded from CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!!! and go to the drop-in with the kids, to MAYBE PUT AWAY SOME OF THE LAUNDRY? and probably go to the drop-in. If we can all find shoes.

2. I'm about halfway through Neverwhere, and I like it but don't love it. His world is interesting, but it's somehow not grabbing me. And so far the main character doesn't really have personality. So I'll finish it but I don't think I'm going to become a huge fan.

3. Every couple of years I remember that there's a film festival here in the late summer (I'm in Toronto, which hosts the Toronto Independent Film Festival, or TIFF), and become mildly interested in who's coming to town and what's playing. I won't actually see any of the movies or run into any of the celebrities- we don't frequent the same parts of town. I doubt I'll run into Brad Pitt or George Clooney at the local Dollarama (although that would be pretty funny). It's sort of like Neverwhere, actually- there's this other world that's going to be happening here that has no impact whatsoever on my life. Looking at the film list I assume Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, the Operative from Serenity whose name i can't spell, Benedict Cumberbatch (who's in maybe three films being released), Colin Firth. And a bunch of people I don't recognise. This one looks interesting, as does the WikiLeaks one.

I might watch it sometime after it comes out on DVD.

4. I am halfway down my cup of tea and my spelling is improving.

5. Judith and I were talking about planning and organization yesterday- homeschool and just home. I'm mulling over one of Jen Fulwiler's posts about not feeling guilty about getting help. There was an amazing combox conversation about ways to connect and share, and I'm wondering which alternatives would work for us. They include organizing Mom's groups, starting babysitting co-ops, doing group chores (switching off working on something and watching the kids). I particularly like the last because it's always more fun to clean with other people, and more fun to clean someone else's home. Also included: how do you set up your house to run smoothly with a minimum of frustration? The main problem is that there is so little time and energy for planning.

6. The twins are throwing their cereal bowls merrily off their trays while I write this. I should be getting Nat's injection ready while distracting them with blueberries, but it's awfully hard to multitask when you're filling a syringe. I have discovered this through rigourous scientific experimentation.

7. I am thinking about re-taking-up reading the Prayerbook psalms every morning. I'm not sure how I would fit it into the morning chaos (and anyone who says "wake up early!" is cordially invited to get up six to eight times a night in my stead so I can) but I think I'd like to. can't read them during breakfast because I rarely eat breakfast sitting down. Anyway, must keep shouting up the stairs to wake Thomas, and proceed with day. Good luck, everyone.

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