Friday, July 19, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: It's hot

1. This is supposed to be the last day of the over 40C heat wave. I am devoutly hoping so, because going outisde is like dying, still, even with all the time spent at the splashpad. I am so unsuited to living anywhere with temperatures over 25C.

2. I've finally, finally figured out how to do back carry with the Ergo. When I put Elizabeth on my back she starts out by kissing me passionately all over my back, which is a little disconcerting but very affectionate and cute. Elizabeth got ready for going out to the drop-in this morning by finding a pink hat and a purse. She's so girly that it's insane. I am not trying to train her- I am watching in disbelief.

3. Speaking of training, I think it has been five days since Thomas wore a diaper. This is awesome. It is so much lower-stress than when training Nat that's it beggars belief. No real bribes, no threats, no Machiavellian schemes. I am grateful.

4. We've been listening to the BNL album Snacktime  a lot recently. I love this song, especially "I won a non-existent race/ to rebuild the Parthenon..":

And this one:

And I get this one stuck in my head a lot:

5. We have two extra children arriving in a few hours. I have goldfish crackers and broccoli. We won't starve. I thought maybe we could bake bread and go to the Museum and make tents and play lego.

6. Geoff says there is a tornado warning, so I guess we'll spend the rest of the day inside. A tornado warning. Here. I don't even know what to do in the event of a tornado. Take all the kids down to the machete and power-tool-filled basement? That would be fun.

7. I wonder if  I can get the kids to do all the laundry and cleaning for me? I'm really tired (hahahahahaha!). And unfocused. I'm not sure why- I had at least four uninterrupted hours of sleep last night. Our meal plan for tonight says "junk", so we could possibly order takeout? Or I could make another salad. Yay.

8. I started doing the time management thing Jen recommended, with breaking down all the tasks I hope to complete in  a 24 hour period, but I actually got tired before I finished writing out breakfast, because everything has so many steps and interruptions. "Do laundry" looks like:

Collect clothes from all over the house, checking all floors
Collect clothes from the deck
Have to get clingy babies off my legs to travel between floors
Undo and do up lots of baby gates
Get to basement
Put soap in washer
Put in clothes
Transfer laundry to dryer
Take laundry upstairs
Try to sort laundry
Have to stop to break up ten fights
Babies pick up laundry items (folded) and scatter on floor
Pick up and refold and resort
Take upstairs to put away
Have babies helpfully pull things out of drawers as I'm putting away
Get partway through before I have to go somewhere else to complete another urgent task


Melanie Bettinelli said...

I gave up on potty training when we all got sick last week. Ben had a fever and was miserable and I felt pretty crummy myself. No way was I going to try to make him sit on the potty. So back to diapers. At least until I feel better. I've had this sore throat and congestion since last Friday. Ugh.

It was over 100 here today. I'm ready for the heat to go away. Some things I don't miss about Texas. Heat tops the list.

lissla lissar said...

As I said, Nat was completely and totally miserable to potty train, and still would rather pee in his pants than go to the bathroom if he's doing something interesting, which makes me crazy, beauce he's five and a half. All the things about 'He'll be uncomfortable' or 'He'll just stop wanting to be a baby' don't apply. Argh.