Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Slightly less whiny

Yesterday is over, and we all survived. We even made it to the Farmer's Market and the library. Last night Miriam woke up five times between one and two-thirty, and then the girls alternated waking up until seven.

I am still very blurry. We are still in survival mode. On the bright side, thanks to an uplifting conversation with Amy, I feel less depressed and crushed, and also less like my children's personalities were specifically designed to irritate me. Because it's all about me, right?


A few days ago Geoff and Amy were talking about responsible blogging, and about trying not adopt a position of 'This sucks, and look at how funny I am". I think I try for wry, but probably don't often hit it. What I dislike in some of the mom blogs I've read, and what I avoid, is the flippant. It distances and doesn't allow for vulnerability in the same way that constant flippancy in conversation prevents real emotional connection.

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