Monday, August 05, 2013

Aaargh! Getting things done!

We had a couple of wonderful playdates with Madeleine yesterday, and the kids actually played instead of fighting, which was a) strange and b) wonderful, and today I am GETTING THINGS DONE. It's not quite eleven-thirty on a holiday Monday and I am running our third load of laundry, have put away two loads already, have baked five loaves of white bread and two loaves of zucchini and whole cloves of garlic bread, and have watched the official announcement interview thing for the new Doctor, who is really neat.

He was great in Children of Earth. Apparently he's been in some forty movies and television shows, and has an Academy Award. I'm looking forward to the regeneration now.

Onward to lunch, tidying, fridge-cleaning, dunner that includes lots of purple amaranth, and maybe a couple of weeks of meal planning. Plus reading. I'm trying to decide whether I should re-read the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy (which I haven't re-read since my twenties) or Tigana, which I haven't read but Geoff just bought. Montreal Smoked meat on homemade bread for lunch.

I didn't mention that Jocelyn (Maddie's mum) gave us a box of wine. It has three litres in it. I think I'll just lie under the spigot for a while- that should increase my productivity, right? Thanks, Jocelyn!

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