Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I am battling acute acedia compounded by lack of sleep and quasi-single-parenting. I don't want to cook, I don't want to clean, and I don't much want to parent or take the kids on fun outings. Our weekly schedule has also sort of collapsed- the drop-ins are closed till September, Phyllis is away, Geoff is gone again all tomorrow till nine-thirty at night, and Judith, whom we do things with twice a week, is having a (I hope) glorious time being the co-speaker (with her husband) at Grad Camp. So my week is sort of empty and I am trying not to sit around being very sorry for myself because Miriam was up from one till three last night.

I feel really burned out. I'm half-heartedly trying to do the meal planning and figure out a way to Eat Fewer Chips and generally convince the boys that they enjoy something beside bread and butter or ice cream.

On the bright side, our friend Tristan came over yesterday and brought us a smoked duck. I'll probably simmer it for stock, get the meat off, and make smoked duck pasta and duck soup.

Anyone want to offer me a two week all-expenses paid cruise with childcare included?

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