Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dinner planning

I should start cooking in less than thirty minutes if we're going to have dinner. We had chili and cheese and corn chips for lunch- Miriam and Thomas are thrilled by sour cream and try to eat it as their main dish. I'm still really really tired, so takeout feels like a real possibility, even if I shouldn't spend the money. The article Melanie at Wine Dark Sea shared about how sleep loss causes fat cravings is also active in my head as both a real thing and an excuse.

We were going to have pulled beef tacos but when I got the meat out this morning I found it had frozen into a big lump with butcher's paper frozen into it. It's still not thawed. We'll have it tomorrow, and I'll do a thick gravy with some leftover pureed vegetables. That will sneak them in.

I also have frozen zucchini, frozen corn, frozen ground pork, jarred roasted peppers, parmesan, cream, lots of peeled garlic. I think we'll have spaghetti with garlic, parmesan, and cream someday this week, and maybe leftovers fried or in fritatta later. And I'm sure I can do something with the leftover pulled meat I expect to have. Maybe noodles with broccoli and peanut sauce, a ground pork Italian ragu sort of thing.

None of this helps with our actual dinner tonight, which I want to just not happen, or have sundaes for, or something.

ETA: takeout. Poutine, roast beef sandwiches, chicken fingers, chicken wings.

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