Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good day

Even with very little sleep. Geoff was home yesterday- he had a neurologist's appointment in the morning, and took the rest of the day off. It de-stressed what is usually an awful day (Wednesday. There's something about Wednesdays) and made it quite pleasant.
While I was in the shower Jocelyn messaged me, saying that Madeleine wanted to go to a park with Nat. I said "Hell, yes!" and threw all the children into their clothes in record time. I don't say no to park time with friends who will also be backup baby-holders and child-chasers. We had a great time. I drank my first ever cup of coffee. Geoff says he doesn't know me anymore. I never ever drink coffee.

When we got home Geoff was back from the hospital, having had a really good visit (he wrote about it on his blog, Ink in the Scabbard. It's in my sidebar) and he was outside chatting with some neighbours. We herded all our kids inside, fed them lunch, got the babies down and I napped, and then Geoff and I cleaned things while the boys did screen time.

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday, but owing to sleep loss I didn't want to cook dinner. I did bake a cake which cheerfully refused to come out of its pan. Birthday party was my parents over, ordering pizza, and strawberry shortcake instead of a proper iced cake. It was still good. At bed time Nat asked me who created God, and I built on Geoff's previous-day explanation of infinity to include eternal. Whew.

Last night Mim slept fairly well. Elizabeth's been sleeping from eight to four or five, which is fantastic. Today I'm going to haul all the kids out of bed by seven-thirty to prevent the boys from sleeping in and thus being awake and annoying for hours after bed time. We're off to Judith's this morning, and this evening Geoff will be home for dinner and not here for bed, which means a fast bed time, minimal cleaning, and wine for me.

For the next half hour, until the kids are up, my hardest decision will be whether to have lemon meringue pie or leftover cake for breakfast.

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