Saturday, August 10, 2013

Late at night again

I'm trying to re-re-re-night wean the girls, after a string of gradually-worsening nights. It's now almost one and Miriam has been crying most of the time since eleven or so, which was shortly after I fell asleep. I'm doing the Survival Calculations in my mind- How will tomorrow be if I sleep one hour? How about two?- and also having insomnia in spite of earplugs. I can still hear them through the earplugs, most of the time. So I came downstairs to fiddle around on the internet and try to ignore them. I think tomorrow I will need Coke, so my big Sunday plans will involve leaving the house briefly in order to purchase some.

I ought to clean out the fridge, but I'm not sure I can muster the enthusiasm. It is nearly one in the morning.

I had a very nice argument about papal infallibility with Amy earlier this evening. It was interesting in for me because it's something I haven't thought a lot about. It doesn't worry me. She thinks it's presumptuous for any human to declare they speak infallibly and I don't, although I'm currently too fried to clarify why.

Miriam (whom I still love, even though she's very loud) has started bringing me books and sitting in my lap. She'll stay for the whole thing, too, especially if it's a board book. I think Nat started doing it about that age. It's adorable. Elizabeth will, too, but Mim is more persistent.

We had a lovely moment this evening when I realised all the children were occupied either with books or lego, mostly books. Nat and Thomas were cuddled together looking at a book on the digestive system. We'd previously had occasion to look up how the body responds to cuts and abrasions, because Nat stuck his finger in a pencil sharpener and turned it. We are minus part of one fingernail and plus some knowledge about how blood clotting and white blood cells work.


so many things to love... said...

I love our arguments and I hope you do, too.

lissla lissar said...

Yes, I do. That one was nice.

Amazingly I haven't needed Coke today, although I have had a lot of tea and an hour-long nap. Still don't know what to make for dinner.