Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Long afternoon

The girls didn't nap. That always makes for a long, long afternoon. We were at the farmer's market this morning, which was nice but very draining. All the kids ran off at different points, there was much arguing, and I just came home exhausted. The girls fell asleep on the way home, woke up when I got them out, and have not slept since.

I haven't gotten much done. Dinner keeps getting down-graded. It's now spaghetti with Parmesan and black pepper.

It's been okay, but I'm feeling like I really, really need introvert time tonight, especially as Thomas is right now running a Duplo train up and down my arm. The girls are on the table playing with markers and doing this indescribable Gregorian chant kind of "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" thing. Nat's making a TARDIS out of Duplo.

Big accomplishment today- coming home with all the children. Also getting Nat to do three minutes of copywork, reading and writing "Nat sat" a couple of times. We also read four chapters of Nate the Great Talks Turkey.

The inside of my head is full of homeschool planning, in the hopes that the planning and enthusiasm will carry me at least through to February or so, whereupon we'll spend the last month of winter watching science shows and going crazy. Since I am being assaulted by twins armed with a Sandra Boyton book, I think I should get off the computer...

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