Sunday, August 25, 2013

Next week school starts!!Eleventy!!11

So I should do some actual solid planning, right? I feel like I should have tidy bowls of math manipulatives and sharpened pencil crayons and all our new books lined up in a row. What I have is lego all over the floor, chewed-on markers, and the reality that the girls still wake me up five times a night. But only twice or three times each!

I would like to work out a generous-on-the-slacking, loose weekly routine of things to do in the morning, plus trying to have the energy to do reading and math and copywork with Nat in the afternoons. Oh, also I have two different homeschool groups I'd like to attend every couple of weeks, but those would be afternoon things, so I really need to find some reliable sitters for the girls. Nat needs some more friends his age, and the best place to mine for those would be homeschool events, I think. Everyone else is in all-day school by his age.

How did we end up with an extrovert?

I'd also like to do the Royal Ontario Museum every couple of weeks, maybe with Judith, or with Judith and Samantha the Wonderful Mother's Helper. I'm hoping to do more history reading, and therefore be able to get out of the strictly Natural History area. I'm not sure Nat will ever be okay with the Roman heads looking at him. Too much like Weeping Angels, too much Doctor Who.


Melanie Bettinelli said...

Planning for the school year... yeah, I need to do that one of these days. I have a rough idea of what we're doing, but I need to actually write up a plan of action.

lissla lissar said...

I have a book list... sort of, and some curricula I'd like to get. I'm stressing about trying to find a balance between what I, fired up with new school year enthusiasm, THINK we should do, and how many days I'm going to be barely keeping it together and feeding everyone toast and frozen pizza while we watch Bill Nye.

I feel, irrationally, like I should have a list of fantastic crafts and Life Goals for all the kids, and like having the list would make all of it happen without effort for me. I think it's related to the search for the one perfect gadget or organizing system that will negate the need to clean or organize. So I'm trying to tether all of it to reality, and remember that life only happens one day at a time.