Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sheer bravery

I'm fighting off feelings of overwhelming hormonal self-pity over Being Alone with my Children by tidying a little and doing some snack preparation. After watching them all eat chips and digestive biscuits with peanut butter for lunch I think I hit bottom, and although my afternoon plans originally involved me sitting and eating the rest of the lemon meringue pie and feeling sorry for myself I decided that I needed to put the self-pity to work so as to keep everyone from dying of scurvy.

So I've emptied the fridge and made a large jug of strawberry yogurt...drink... stuff. Out of odds and ends of yogurt. And dinner will be ham sandwiches with roast peppers for those who like that sort of thing, i.e. me. I won't try to put away laundry or tidy while the girls are awake, because putting away laundry with the girls near means they Help Helpfully, and trying to put things away while two toddlers are emptying all the drawer and stuffing clothes randomly into other drawer makes me turn to drink.

I will stop talking about that before I get really stressed.

Now, after nap, do I want to take the munchkins to the nearby park or do I want to go insane and take them all down to the bookstore and Kew Beach park (two bus rides plus a busy street laden with tourists)?

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