Thursday, August 01, 2013

Shouldn't let Nat see Pinterest

Actually, I'm not supposed to be on Pinterest, either. Geoff says it's bad for my mental health. He's right.

The girls were up a lot last night and today is Night of the Living Dead but the kids need something to do, so Judith's coming over and we'll run the kids in the yard and get them soaking wet and muddy. I think today will be a compromise day- I will do the bare minimum of housework and entertain the kids, since I don't have the mental space to do both.

There's a family down the street with two small kids, and the dad's in hospital. I'm going to take them dinner every day or two, and I'm trying to decide what to bring them today. Maybe macaroni and cheese and a side of zucchini? I'm not full of energy but I want to help, and today has to be something easy because I'd screw up something complicated. Two pans, one for us and one for them...

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