Sunday, August 18, 2013

Things for which I am grateful

In the wake of a very difficult week, i'm trying to remember gratitude.

1. My parents have the boys out this afternoon. First time in quite some time that they've done an outing, and this morning I was dying of exhaustion and had run out of parenting. So I have had a nap and some blessed quiet while the girls sleep.

2.The notes Nat leaves around the house. The nearest one says "LUV NAT", but there's also a drawing of Jupiter from yesterday close by, and some kind of exploding flying thing. And a drawing of planetary orbits, which I labeled 'The Solar System".

3. Thomas, who finds little girls at the park and gives them flowers and hugs.

4. Geoff, who loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen before he went out to the Escrima (Filipino martial arts) seminar.

5. A mutual understanding that we are either having toast or takeout for dinner. I am so tired and emotionally at the end of my rope that I am not cooking. Nope.

6. Small children who congratulate me on my meals when we have bread and butter and fruit for dinner.

7. All the children sitting around with books or Lego. Especially watching the girls do self-directed 'reading' or play that is not hideously destructive and doesn't involve hitting. Girls are a new world.

8. Miriam has learned to say "My baby!" and is pointing out babies and toddlers in books and on signs and on the computer. That is completely adorable.

9. Things Nat makes from gears.

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