Wednesday, August 07, 2013


They tend to suck. I'm not sure why. Probably partly because Geoff's at the dojo most Wednesday nights, probably because it's a day when we don't usually have a lot planned. I end up shouting more after twelve straight hours alone with the kids. Today was better than many Wednesdays, probably owing to the girls sleeping six hours straight for the second night in a row. I won't start counting on it until we're up to five nights.

Today I was mostly lost inside Tigana, trying not to pay attention to the outside world. Oh, and I watched an hour of Parade's End, a miniseries based on a Ford Madox Ford novel. It's good. Not child-friendly, so I kept pausing and redirecting children. I ended up feeling very, "Why are you bothering me when I want to be left alone with books and movies?".

In spite of that, and how many movies they watched, we also played, bought new crayons and markers, read the weirdest fairy tale I've ever read before (from the Reader's Digest World's Best Fairy Tales collection, which is good and I like it), about a horned goat. Who threatened to eat everyone and went to war with some other animals. There's also massages and mosquito fat. Apparently it's a Polish traditional tale. And we read a Brothers Grimm and Billy Beg and his Bull. Those were less like being on bad drugs.

Because I was reading frantically all day dinner was melted cheese on homemade bread. This was completely thrilling for the kids and Nat praised me repeatedly for the lack of vegetables. Hi ho.

It's now eight-thirty, I made Nutella ice cream earlier, and I have sour cherry brownies in the oven. The timer just went off. I think if I read more than three hundred pages today I'll be too wound up to sleep, so I'll probably watch more Parade while eating brownies and ice cream. And maybe finish Tigana  tomorrow.


Melanie Bettinelli said...

Six hours straight! That's awesome.
I am so hit or miss when it comes to vegetables. Consistency... that is so not my strong point. I will insist on vegetables for a week and then the next week am so busy flailing that I'm happy when they have full bellies and I don't really care full of what.
But I'm trying to be good this week and get back onto something like a school schedule-- i.e. trying to do one school-ish thing every morning after breakfast. I think I'll try to delay diving into the Kay until the weekend. We'll see if my will power is strong enough. I haven't read any fiction in a while so I can't tell if that will make it harder or easier....

lissla lissar said...

I stopped at page 290, which makes about 280 pages today. I have willpower!

My cooking instinct lead towards starch and, to a lesser extent, meat. And I also alternate carefully-thought-out meals full of planning and frozen pizza. I'm starting to lean heavily on skillet meals, which has increased the vegetable content. It helps that the kids don't think of tomato sauce as a vegetable, and I'm good at dumping things in a pot or skillet and making the flours harmonize.

Nat was really impressed with cheese on toast.

And, after a day spent watching Mr Rogers and Robin Hood and Monsters Inc. he wanted to know what a pipe organ was and how the solar system works. We've had an educationally lazy summer, it feels like, so I promised him we'd look both up tomorrow. I was explaining planetary orbit with stuffed animals and I don't think it was effective.

Melanie Bettinelli said...

Sophie and Anthony like tomato sauce, but Ben and Bella do not. That's pretty much how things go: Ben and Bella are the pickier ones and Sophie and Anthony the more adventuresome. Bella had actually gotten much better in the past year or so and will eat quite a few vegetables the others won't, but she doesn't like most sauces and dressings.

Stuart said...

Parade's End was excellent.
I'm mostly trying to get more protein into my diet. Tin of tuna before bed, anyone?

Oh, and I thought of you, and looking for meat at $2/pound while we lived together, while at my No Frills yesterday. They had,, one one cabinet fridge:

Beef tripe, in 3 varieties, beef feet, kidney, liver, heart and tongue,

Pork lung, stomach, heart, kidney, liver, snout, tongue, ears, tail, feet, hocks and back fat,

And, one whole lamb's head, without skin. Eyes in.

Mostly quite cheap.

Now what do I make with it?

lissla lissar said...

Are you really going to eat lamb's head for the next two weeks? Do let me know what you do with it. Maybe a curry? Hah, do you remember the part in Jingo where the D'Regs offer Vimes the sheep's eyeball as a test of the stupid foreigner?

Amy Elliot might have suggestions. She cooks exotic meat. Paging Amy!

I've only watched the first two episode's of Parade's End, due to small children and HBO series not being suitable, but it's really, really interesting, and beautifully shot. And the main characters are brilliant together. Even though Cumberbatch looks totally horrifying blond. I guess it adds to the character, who is supposed to be graceless and unattractive.

Melanie, I think Nat and Thomas just haven't figured out that tomato sauce and ketchup are made from tomatoes. I think the minute they figure it out they'll refuse.