Friday, September 27, 2013

3 a. m. update

Because it's three, and because I am stubbornly not nursing a shouting Elizabeth, I'm going to update. I could be reading A Memory of Light, but I think I'd have trouble sleeping after. Assuming Lilibet wants me to go back to sleep. Mean Mommy.

We've had a week full of reading. We got a child's book of Greek myths out from the library. It's a little younger than the D'Aulaires one, and Nat has asked me to read several sections, and then gone and drawn his own mythical animals. We're plugging away at one or two pages a day in Nat's learning to read book, and he continues to make progress. Reluctant progress, but still.

We bought The New Way Things Work (did I mention that?) and it's amazing and Nat's fascinated. I keep reading him bits that I don't myself understand, and hoping he is catching some of it.

We've listened to a lot of music in the past seven days. Well, a lot for us. There's been Bare Naked Ladies and Fatboy Slim (Nat's request) and K-Os and Geoff introduced the kids to Spin Spin Sugar, which I think is Nat's new favourite song. And Thomas found an old recorder in the basement, so I've been listening to a lot of children tootling, and impressing them with my ability to play one or two simple songs.

We've also watched a lot of the BBC Walking With... series, and I think there's been more discussion about evolution and predator/prey relationships, and general sciencey stuff happening as a result. I'm still getting over six foot centipedes and twenty-five metre marine reptiles. It helps that the centipedes are more trilobite-y than centipede-y.

I haven't made play dough yet, but the weather has been very nice and we've been outside playing in the dirt a lot. Last gasp of summer. The house has been easier to keep tidy since I donated two garbage bags of toys. I still need to purge the girls' clothes, but I might have time this weekend.

And now they're both awake and howling. Do I break and nurse them, or do I let them shriek themselves back to sleep and hope we're not up for the day?

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